See our rules we set to ensure our players enjoy themselves and stay safe


The Shires Junior Golf Tour organise 18-hole mixed competitions and nine-hole mixed competitions at all events. 

Boys and girls with handicaps 36 or below will compete in 18-hole competitions in the Mixed Gross and Net categories.

The boys with handicaps 18 and below will usually tee off on the back tees, with the handicappers 19-36 playing off the next set of tees. All the girls will tee off the same tee (usually red).

Boys and girls with a handicap of 37 and above will compete in Nine-hole competitions in a Mixed Net category. Depending on whether the host venue has a measured course for both boys and girls over nine holes, the players will normally tee off the same tee (usually red).

Golfers, who are currently without a handicap because they haven’t played enough handicap qualifying events, can help achieve this by playing in the nine-hole competition (please note, they may not be eligible for prizes or OOM points on the day).

Unless course conditions dictate otherwise, the 18-hole and nine-hole competitions are usually played in a Medal/Strokeplay format.

The Mini Tour competitions are for players who do not have a handicap, or new to the game. These events are usually played off forward tees, and could be Stableford, Medal, Flag, Team etc. Depending on whether the host venue has a measured course, they may also be a handicap qualifier.


All Junior Opens are run by The Shires Junior Golf Tour, and we have control over the competition organisation, including the choice of medal or stableford format, course length, tees, etc. and the final decision on all these subjects, and more, lies with The Shires Junior Golf Tour. 

However, if issues are raised by the Club, particularly with regard to conduct, during any of the events these will be investigated by The Shires Junior Golf Tour organising committee.

If any offences are deemed to have brought The Shires Junior Golf Tour into disrepute, those held accountable may be subject to disqualification, bans from future events, points deductions and/or prize removal.


The Shires Junior Golf Tour has official handicap qualifying status and therefore all events (unless stated) will follow the R&A Rules of Golf for the 18-hole and nine-hole mixed competitions. Adapted rules may apply for the Mini Tour competitions. 

Anyone involved in the events is strongly advised to conduct themselves in a courteous and polite manner at all times – in short, please treat others how you would want to be treated yourself!

We have a number of Marshalls, who help out at events on The Shires Junior Golf Tour. If you are unsure of any rules, please speak to them.


New for 2024 we are now allowing caddying for ALL divisions. We believe this will help with scoring, marshalling and safety. If caddying is done correctly we also believe this will provide better experience before playing in professional golf. The most important thing, however, is to ensure our juniors are interacting with one another and enjoying themselves.

Caddies on our tour are expected to:

  • Familiarise yourself with the R&A Rules on Advice and Caddying here
  • Purchase a caddie bib (with players name on)
  • Carry the bag!
  • Assist with live scoring on GolfGenius app
  • Act as a Marshall to help with ball spotting, rules queries and safety
  • Download the R&A Rules App to use when needed
  • Assist in decision making if players cant agree to a score
  • Ensure their player is well fed, watered and protected against the elements
  • Ensure players are having fun and interacting with one another!
  • Rake bunkers and repair divots

Remember! The spirit of the tour is the development of junior players. Please exercise proportion in how much advice and assistance you provide. This is a learning experience for them.


If any player or caddie is caught not obeying the rules of golf then disciplinary action will be taken.


The Golf Genius app is the best and easiest way to enter events.

You can even edit your profile and view the results and live leaderboard through this. We really recommend it!